one whole year

one year ago today, well really earlier this morning, you decided to kiss me. now, i truly wasn't expecting it because i thought you would take things slow. but nope, you went in for that kiss and you got it...and i laughed. it was a nervous laugh not a funny laugh. one year later, i still laugh when you kiss me.
one-fifty-one more days and i'll be in that white dress.

captain moroni!

you know what i love? friends. like keith and amanda. they make me laugh a lot. i kept trying to squirt water on keiths crotchal area from my waterbottle during the fireworks and he never even noticed. it was hilarious.
i'm tired. i'm not used to working..this much. but its not even a lot. it's weird.
i can't wait until i have a house and me and davey live in it, and make dinner with our new pots and pans (and wok), and we dance around in our underwear because we can, take baths, sleep in on saturdays, read out loud together, and you'll paint and i'll write and my hair will be long so you can brush it if you want. we'll have a closet together with our shoes lined up, your big ones next to my baby ones and our bedroom will smell like fresh laundry and fresh flowers, the sun will stream through in the morning and somehow again at night. our books will be stacked and stacked, each containing pressed flowers we've gathered from our after-sunday-dinner walks. flannel sheets will line our bed in the winter and a high-thread-count cotton for the summer, in white and yellows, down feathers will sneak into our hair through the night, your bed head will hold as the sun rises. we'll celebrate our anniversaries by slip n sliding, playing in the hose, and cleaning out the cupboard. its just what we do. if you're away i'll sleep in your tshirts and pajama bottoms, but you won't be away, will you? you wont because you think with your heart. i love you like the day is long.

i can't believe I cried

this weekend felt everlong. friday keiri came after i had slept through harry potter and we went over the wedding plans. she followed me home in the pouring rain where at points i could see nothing. saturday was lazy and yumm and included meeting up with fenns for dinner. it hailed like crazy on the way to evan and jesica's reception in riverside. when they danced i cried...they have just gotten everything that i want. only five more months. sunday was so so so long. we drove up to go to the mountains since amanda came down, but they wouldn't let us up without chains so we waited for davey's family to take us up on the way from picking manda up at the airport. it took forever to get up because people who looked like they've never seen snow before just parked all along the highway up and played in the snow. we finally got there and it began snowing which it didnt stop the whole rest of the day/night. we drove to dresdens to take a paper which we forgot, drove someway back, met his parents, and continued. we slid and saw cars abandoned because of the amount of snow. me and amanda bonded, i'm glad for her or else i'd have no normal relationship with any girl fenns. we watched wallace and grommit at dresdens and drove home. david forgot the key to our car there, and we had to turn around and pick it up and come all the way back. thats about 40 minutes each way...


i get an ipod nano for nothing! isn't that cool? davey won it at work and since he has his own little baby, he's giving it to me. not that i really want it, or anything. today i'm at work early...probably for the last time. i got a new job at some geology research place in the mornings and afternoons on school days. plus with the afternoons where i dont work at the new job i'll still be working here. i'm going to be more busy than i ever have been in my life.
in about two hours i'm going to lunch with my mom and nana, probably with a bunch of other old ladies too. at least i get to miss about 3 hours for lunch. tonight we're watching mattie and bella while brian moves jamie to arizona. its so weird to me that they're going to live apart for nearly three months. i know i could never do that, even seeing eachother on weekends wouldnt be enough. i'd like to think that you'd feel the same way but for some reason i dont think you do. i thought you made decisions with your heart, not your head. that's my department.

sister golden hair

my hair is finally starting to get long. now i just have to resist bringing scissors to it.

things are coming together.

birthday weekend

saturday was lazy and wonderful. we took penny to the apartment and ate jalepenos for lunch and the hat for dinner. then we had a party, and it was lovely to have everyone together. old friends came and mingled with newer ones. we ate trifle and cake and snacks and watched walk the line and didnt get home til 1:30.
friday we got to spend time with new lovers...they made me miss the beginning where every thing gives you butterflies and you are more than willing to drive hours to see the other person. i miss that. those two are good for eachother, i can tell.

double date

i really like
wearing the same jeans every day.
giving up on face makeup.
this ring on my finger.
making dinner.
sleeping in.
job offers, exactly when i need them.
feeling satisfied.
knowing that i can now shop for lingerie, and that it will be worn by me, this year.

so, i haven't planned one official thing for the wedding yet. isn't that scary? it is for a mormon girl.

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