the good and the bad

been eating healthier. better, but not good enough yet
david has a job
we are going to california in three weeks
thanksgiving is 4 weeks away

we are still poor
the car is making a jetsons-esque sound
my house is a mess

i need to just get into shape so i feel better about myself. it's getting old feeling down.

tv is the devil. it forces me to do nothing with my life.

we've been editing photos from amy's wedding and i'm so excited about a lot of them.


This weekend we deep cleaned our entire house. Even the carpet! It feels so good to know I get get come home to an organized place. We cleaned out our spare room (finally) and now I think i'm going to enjoy working in there.


i'm going to find a map of france just like this and cut it up and frame it to put it above the couch. i absolutely love it. i also like the big flowers- they look like they're canvas just stapled on there. plus the maps for wallpaper = a super cool idea. it's kind of like the little boy's room idea i have, but i plan on using maps of mordor and hobbiton. you know, lord of the rings? i am a nerd.

i really want to write a book. even if it's just a short one. sometimes i want to turn this blog into a 'book' just because i like the way i used to write. it was saucy and interesting.

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