My birthday weekend

Now that we uploaded our pictures from the camera to the computer i can post some of them. These are from our weekend in San Diego. We stayed at the Hyatt in Seaport Village the 23 & 24th of June. It was a ton of fun, since it was our first vacation alone together since our honeymoon. We got there Saturday afternoon and walked around near the ocean. Here's a picture of David in front of the huge ship-Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
On Sunday we went to breakfast at this awesome mexican place in old town. Then we decided to head over to Cabrillo to see the tide pools and lighthouse. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


so, it seems as though a lot of people are having their little blogs for letting their families know what's going on in their lives- so i've decided to kind of combine david's and mine together, since he never goes on his anyway. what have we been up to? well, it's been nearly 11 months since we got married. we're moving to a new little rental house soon in the villas here in lake arrowhead that we are VERY excited about. it's a little three bedroom that was just completely remodeled and we love it! we'll be moving in on august 15th and i've already started packing- i can't wait! david is busy building his first house on his own. he's also working towards getting his contractor's license. we're both planning on taking classes this fall at crafton hills college. for the most part we have fun while we're doing all the things we need to everyday-

be here now

haha, it's been three months! good thing no one reads thisssss. so i've been searching for a job pretty much since we moved up here. i've been on plenty of interviews but nothing is seeming to come of it. this morning i was checking my myspace and i noticed that one of my old jobs that my friend had taken when i had quit was going to be available again because she's quitting now...this is ideal, let me tell you. i've been bored out of my mind and been in need of a little spending money and jus something to do. it's perfect! she hasn't emailed me back yet but hopefully she will soon, and with happy news. last night we made homemade cafe rio deliciousness, including homemade tomatillo and cilantro-lime rice. i love food, and i love cooking even more. and as for now, my musical selection includes a lot of bee gees and barry white. and mason, of course.
and we got a new camera...a cannon! still not my dream slr but still a dang good camera anyway. photo posts to come soon.

people are angry

listening to the shins is like having a really really good dream, and then turning it off is like waking up. every time i listen to the shins i think, "yeah, definitely one of my favorite bands". soooo...we're nearly moved in to our new place. living downstairs from your in-laws is an interesting thing, but i'm sure it's gonna work out. well i guess it has to because we're in a one year lease.
im also trying to keep busy getting ready for gourmet girls. it's nice to have something to do. i'm also planning on taking photograpy and american sign language this coming semester at rcc. i'm excited that i'm going to be back in school.david and i bought our first printer ever at best buy with some gift cards we got for christmas and i'm having fun printing out wedding pictures.
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this is one of my favorites.

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