home for the holidays

i have been so bad at blogging lately. i guess i haven't felt any need to.

we are so excited to be able to spend the next week in california with family. it's my family's year for christmas so we are looking forward to that. my sister is still young and gets excited about presents which makes it fun. we're having a big party on sunday at our house with my mom's side of the family. i never thought that would happen because of all of the family drama. hopefully everyone can just forgive and move on. if not, at least we have our immediate family.

i plan on doing all of my christmas shopping early next week. i wish i hadn't put it off but christmas really feels like it snuck up on us this year. we also plan on trying to outdo ourselves with a bigger and better gingerbread house. we have a lot of plans, but are looking forward most to not working/no school/and seeing family.

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