an oldie... but so cute

us n stuff

david keith and i went to the utah state fair last night- it was definitely disappointing. i had such high hopes for good fried food and entertainment, but my corndog cost $6 and had bugs on it. and there were no fried twinkie/oreos to be found. so after $6 for parking and $16 for just getting in, we felt we had made a mistake. we decided to get cheescake for dessert and left but ended up running out of gas even though our car said we could still go 50 miles before filling up. brilliant.

there are good things however.
clementine is cute and fun and we love her and she loves us.
david is in school and will be done next year.
we bought a rug for our living room. it makes me feel good.
we are going on a road trip this weekend. we live for 'travel'
i took some fun photos yesterday and am proud of myself for the most part.

a necessity

i think i need this


attempting to get back to this. i miss my long hair.

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