be here now

haha, it's been three months! good thing no one reads thisssss. so i've been searching for a job pretty much since we moved up here. i've been on plenty of interviews but nothing is seeming to come of it. this morning i was checking my myspace and i noticed that one of my old jobs that my friend had taken when i had quit was going to be available again because she's quitting now...this is ideal, let me tell you. i've been bored out of my mind and been in need of a little spending money and jus something to do. it's perfect! she hasn't emailed me back yet but hopefully she will soon, and with happy news. last night we made homemade cafe rio deliciousness, including homemade tomatillo and cilantro-lime rice. i love food, and i love cooking even more. and as for now, my musical selection includes a lot of bee gees and barry white. and mason, of course.
and we got a new camera...a cannon! still not my dream slr but still a dang good camera anyway. photo posts to come soon.

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