it was delicious

ps my favorite effect on is 1960's


here's the deal. i need to be more organized and i need some immediate goals.

1 read scriptures every day, no matter what
2 organize entire house. (this probably seems like a lot but it's really not very big at all)
3 get rid of anything you dont use

i can do this, right?

i thought of some more
spend more time on myself


the good news is i accomplished half of those goals below. the bad news is i didn't accomplish the hard half.
what would my ideal valentines day involve, you ask?

well, i just noticed that it's on a saturday so that's nice.
i'd make us breakfast in bed with pink heart shaped pancakes.
we'd enjoy a drive together with a picnic lunch.
then we'd go to a movie.
then you'd make me dinner for the first time in years.

i also wouldnt mind that aquamarine necklace, or something from but those aren't dealbreakers.

week's end

my goals for this weekend include:

sleep in until 9ish
pay all bills
clean out cupboards
take pictures of something
make every meal at home


i want to be in wyoming, renting a house in the spring time. well i want it to be spring time right now.

dr. laura does it again

i really liked this article and i see it all over tv!

Girls as Pigs from Dr. Laura's Blog by drlaura
I’m very sad that, generally, girls today are pigs. I was speaking with a group of young men in their early twenties, about their social lives. They each admitted to multiple girlfriends with “overlap.” Most of them expressed some disappointment that they really can’t find what they know Dr. Laura would label a “nice girl.”

“You think they are good girls, but the minute you show them some attention, if they’re at all interested, they are all over you with zillions of daily suggestive text messages and sex. They’re open for, ahem, servicing us, even before we’ve taken ‘em out on legitimate dates - which can usually be just a visit to a bar or club.

“I think,” one fellow continued, “that just about all girls these days are pigs.”

This made me very, very sad. Because the more that young women act like “pigs,” the less respect and regard men have for women in general - and the less they hope and fantasize the blessed possibility of a lovely wife and mother to their 84 children.

I opened the paper today to read about a young woman from San Diego who is selling her virginity on a website so that she can pay for her - get ready for this - education as a marriage and family therapist! Her sister apparently led the way by being a call-girl/hooker to pay for her education. Well, there is nothing new in women selling their bodies for financial compensation; what is new is the bold and cavalier way it is happening today. The young women I mentioned said outright that sex and virginity means nothing today. And this is the sort to help families and marriages? Are you kidding?

When everything of value is demoted to “nothing”…then how is anything ever elevated to “something.” See? That’s why I’m sad. I’m sad for all these young men who have been taught by the piggish women of today that love, fidelity, and intimacy mean nothing. I am sad that our young men have been robbed of hope that they can ever be secure in a marriage, because how can they trust a cavalier “pig” to ever be anything else?

curious case

my favorite part of the curious case of benjamin button was the whole period when they lived together. it was exactly, EXACTLY how i pictured the perfect moments of being in love and married to be like before i was actually married. and honestly, its exactly how the perfect moments of being in love and married are.

love him

i do.

i had a dream last night

i think this post is similar to the one where i found pictures of david's ex girlfriend. i had this dream last night that david had been married before and happy. it sounds ridiculous and everyone is laughing when i tell them but when i dreamt that and woke up, i gasped. my concern was if i was making him AS happy. this is my real worry

ca or ut?

i am torn. do i want to move to california?
close to family
david can go to a better school
we'd make more money
we love california

we'd live in a tiny apartment
i'd have to quit my job
living close to family

stay in utah:
we could probably buy a house
and get a dog
we wouldnt have to quit our jobs
less traffic
we're on our own..not close to immediate family

it's not california
not going to an ideal school
if we change our minds it would be harder to move, especially if we buy a house

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