ikea's ideas

david's been wanting to build this shelf thing to go behind our couch, because our tan carpet, furniture and white walls are BORING. we'd probably do a smaller version, though.

getting ready

i've come to the conclusion that i need to take better care of myself. eek, i don't like saying that because it ends up sounding pretty selfish. the thing is, i spend minimal time on myself while getting ready or doing all of those daily things. when i do spend a little more time (as in about 20 extra minutes) getting ready i've noticed that i feel so much more confident throughout my day, compared to when i roll out of bed and throw my hair in a teeny tiny little pony tail. its amazing what a little eyeshadow can do for a girl

ina garten

i've been watching the next food network star, secretly wishing i was a contestant. on the most recent episode the contestants got to plan and and feed a dinner party, hosted by ina garten. when i saw her welcoming them as her guests in her barn, i got goosebumps all over...my dream is to meet her :)

i want to learn to cook as well as ina, and reach my inner french-ness
her food and entertaining style is fabulous

julia child

am i excited about this? what do you think?

Julie & Julia

sleeping in the sunbeams

happy weekend!

i think we will get some bbq tonight
visit the carnival in springville
tomorrow we will head to parowan to visit my family
clementine will probably be hangin' with kristine
i am going to sleep in :)

i like this photo of myself. someone once named it 'sleeping in the sunbeams' because it looked like an album cover from the 60's


not only is madeleine my favorite name, it is also a delicious little dessert. now if only i had the pan to make them...


my birthday is in less than two weeks. and what do i want? it's a simple year :)

dinner with my love at sawadee
a surprise from him, nothing extravagant
a manicure/pedicure/eyebrow wax or a facial or somethin along those lines :)

another dress i love

if only this dress was available in the mall, for a decent price...it would be mine

airing out

last night i dumped all of my dresser and nightstand drawers out. i made piles of old clothes that i've had since high school and got rid of a lot of things. it felt really good. i used to clean out my room when i was bored, but i never really do a deep cleaning like that anymore. i guess i'm too busy. i think since it's already the weekend again i will have to actually accomplish things this time. last weekend i watched tv and sat in the hot tub. not so productive :)

oh, man

i will gladly accept any of these bathing suits. they are GORGEOUS and so not the norm. unfortunately, the price reflects all of that.

all things pretty

i like all of these things- the colors, the simplicity, the neatness. a lot of them are babies rooms, but i can plan ahead, can't i? ;) i especially love unisex nurseries.


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