getting ready

i've come to the conclusion that i need to take better care of myself. eek, i don't like saying that because it ends up sounding pretty selfish. the thing is, i spend minimal time on myself while getting ready or doing all of those daily things. when i do spend a little more time (as in about 20 extra minutes) getting ready i've noticed that i feel so much more confident throughout my day, compared to when i roll out of bed and throw my hair in a teeny tiny little pony tail. its amazing what a little eyeshadow can do for a girl


brandi milne said...

It isn't selfish at all...when you take a little extra time, in the morning or whatever, the rest of the day, you can focus on other things. Instead of during the day, wondering if you look ugly, or if the person you're talking to is looking at your tired eyes, or unkept hair - you can actually focus on them and what they're saying. Watch, it's true!

I really like your blog, girlie!


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