It's been a while. I have 3 other blogs besides this one...stupid, I know. But this was my first so I just can't get rid of it. No one really reads it, so it's kinda like my own journal. Anyway, I've been in a re-decorating mode lately and I bought some new things for the house last night- mostly inspired by a new friend I met thru blogging. Her style is AMAZING and I love her house. I went to IKEA with some inspiration and got a few things last night that hopefully David will install today. In the mean time, I've also been saving photos from around the web- so here are some of them. Of course, I didn't save any of the links...

Baby thoughts

Like most people, I have times when I want a baby right then and times when I don't want one for a while. I don't know if I've ever documented this before, but when we first got married all I wanted was a baby. I didn't care about cost, me not working, or anything. All I could see was that baby in my arms. That was almost 4 years ago- and since then my baby hunger has slowly decreased. Year after year that desire fades a little more. Sad, huh? We keep saying, "next year". The funny thing is that if we had stayed in California we'd probably have a house, a kid and maybe even another one on the way...strange to think about.

I have loved babies since I could hold them and I'm pretty sure I was obsessed with my little sister when she was born (who wouldn't be with two little brothers already?) and that was at age 7. I started babysitting when I was 11 (my first job involved me sitting in a chair for a half hour holding my mom's friend's baby while she ran an errand) and pretty much haven't stopped. I look for any opportunity.

On Saturday nights in high school, you wouldn't find me at church dances (I think I only ever went to one). Nope. I'd be at my neighbors house watching her two little kids, playing dinosaurs, brushing their teeth and tucking them in. Then I'd watch their collection of British Romantic Dramas. hahahaha.

I think I was built for it. Babies, I mean. I have wide hips, I can hold a baby forever and not get sick of it. I have more patience for kids than I do for adults or even my dog. I used to want 6 kids. The year we got married it went to 4. Now I think it's at 3. David often says "one". Is this depressing? Sometimes.

Maybe things will change significantly when we actually hold our child in our arms. Maybe I will be that patient loving mother who just wants more and more. Or maybe we will just have 2. Who knows. It's weird to not know.

So- when, you ask?

Maybe next year.

terms of endearment

i just had this random thought of some things i like...i was running my fingers through my hair ( i just dyed it yesterday so the conditioner that comes with the dye makes it really soft) and thinking how much i like people to play with my hair. and i was thinking about how some guys like to play with girls hair, but how david doesnt. he's not a very cuddly-touchy person.

once when we were dating and he lived in fullerton, i had triple barrel waved my hair and we were watching tv on the couch. I was lying toward him, probably falling asleep, and he had started to stroke my head. that was the only time he's ever done that, at least without me begging him to. every once in a while i think of that day and it makes me smile.

the second or third time we hung out, and this was before we started dating, we were at tgifridays and playing the question game. basically someone asks a question and everyone answers. it was my turn so he turned to me and said, what about you, sweetheart?
and that is the only time he's ever called me sweetheart, which is my favorite term of endearment.

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