terms of endearment

i just had this random thought of some things i like...i was running my fingers through my hair ( i just dyed it yesterday so the conditioner that comes with the dye makes it really soft) and thinking how much i like people to play with my hair. and i was thinking about how some guys like to play with girls hair, but how david doesnt. he's not a very cuddly-touchy person.

once when we were dating and he lived in fullerton, i had triple barrel waved my hair and we were watching tv on the couch. I was lying toward him, probably falling asleep, and he had started to stroke my head. that was the only time he's ever done that, at least without me begging him to. every once in a while i think of that day and it makes me smile.

the second or third time we hung out, and this was before we started dating, we were at tgifridays and playing the question game. basically someone asks a question and everyone answers. it was my turn so he turned to me and said, what about you, sweetheart?
and that is the only time he's ever called me sweetheart, which is my favorite term of endearment.


Scott and Jenna said...

Literally last night I was telling Scott all these great things about how soft and nice my hair was (it was a good hair day) trying to get him to play with it. I love that it gives me the chills when he humors me and does play with it. And I love when he calls me sweetie.


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