this weekend i will make some more attempts. the number one being:
organize our documents!
we have an office full of paid bills and papers that need to be filed or shredded and they are driving me crazy.
i also want to really go through my old clothes and get rid of what i dont wear. half of my wardrobe is at least 4 years old and falling apart, or too small. depressing thought.
i'm also becoming a little obsessed with organizing things by books on my bookshelf, my hanging clothes...


i wish i was wearing this today, instead of jeans. it's hot!


"no work yesterday meant being woken by his voice and pancake house. i made chicken noodle soup from scratch for's what i was born to do. and other things, since i have baby-birthing hips. bring it on. "

that was an entry from almost exactly three years ago. i like it.

pea soup

i really wish i could sew right now so i could make this dress. it's perfect.


i wish my hair was long really really really really bad.


i think the coolest thing in the world is when parents don't find out what they're having when they're pregnant. even cooler, when they don't have a name picked out without seeing the baby's face.

i wish


i'm sorry i don't have this body:

for you and for me.

little thought

its always good when family/friends make an effort on their side to plan things or get together. it shows they think about you.


i've wanted an antique cage and some little finches for a while. i like chirping and they'd look so pretty!


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