this weekend i will make some more attempts. the number one being:
organize our documents!
we have an office full of paid bills and papers that need to be filed or shredded and they are driving me crazy.
i also want to really go through my old clothes and get rid of what i dont wear. half of my wardrobe is at least 4 years old and falling apart, or too small. depressing thought.
i'm also becoming a little obsessed with organizing things by books on my bookshelf, my hanging clothes...


cori and greg said...

ooh don't do it. don't cave into the obsession! i organize everything. EVERYTHING. including clothes as you mentioned... mine are organized from sleeveless to short sleeve to quarter sleeve to long sleeve to button ups to light sweaters to heavier sweaters... all color coordinated. it's horrible! sometimes i just want to throw everything all over the place, mix everything up, just to be DISorganized because i annoy myself. be clean, but don't be like me. just don't do it.

but please DO organize all your papers; just the thought of it is driving me crazy.

BreAn said...

LOL, this all sounds very familiar. Unfiled or unshreded documents, a closet of old, unworn clothes. Good luck this weekend! Maybe you'll inspire me *wink*


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