runaway bride

i'm so glad this weekend is over! it was wonderful, but sooo crazy. friday night we picked up amanda from the airport, after david, garen and i walked around victoria gardens and saw lady in the water. we decided to eat at fudruckers because everyone really likes it. mmm ranch and fries. i went home after because i was so tired. saturday morning i was planning on waking up at seven to do laundry but my mom woke me up before that because some fool had thrown a trash can at my car and it had shattered my back window. thanks, you retards who have no jobs or lives so you go around at night breaking people's things. so that was a nice way to start out the day of my bridal shower. i tried to push it away and got ready to pick hilary up from the airport. keiri came down early to go with us, and we all went to the dressmaker's house to have our dresses fitted. mines almost done, and every time i try it on i love it more and more. i'm so excited that i'm able to have my dream dress.
the shower was really fun, and nearly 50 people were there. we played a fun game and i opened presents FOREVER. it was so ridiculous. we got so much stuff! i was really thankful that david's family came. while we were at the shower, david, dustin and their dad were off golfing. it was kind of nice that they were gone, it gave me a chance to be with everyone. when we were loading up the presents, jordan and jasmin came home. i asked jasmin "what do you think is in there?" as i pointed to chelsea's little pregnant belly. "my ball" she replied.
saturday night i stayed at david's so me and amanda could bond. david went to bed early, so me and amanda talked for a while. we were sooo tired. i didnt sleep well because my back was hurting all night...vicodin didnt even help.
sunday we went to church, had bishops interview for our temple recommends, went home and ate fast, said goodbye to amanda, went to the patriarch's house and i got my patriarchal blessing, went to the stake center and had the stake president interview for our temple recommends. we got home and did some more invitations. and that, my friends, is what happens when you're getting married in three weeks. elope. no, seriously. elope.

22 or 3

i can't remember how many days are left. ok, it's starting to feel real. kind of. yesterday keiri came down, which i really really appreciate because i have a hard time with girls who are my friends, and depending on them. i just don't like to be let down. i haven't felt like anyone is really excited about me getting married but i've been pushing it away because that really doesn't matter. so, keiri dyed my hair for me, and we bonded. we were running really late and my first bridal shower ever started at 7...i kept thinking to myself, "it doesnt really matter if i'm late" but then i remembered that the shower was for me, so i needed to be there on time. the whole night was kind of a daze. i opened presents for an hour. it was ridiculous! we got so much stuff. by the end of the night i kind of got used to being the one all of the fuss was for. im just hoping that on saturday when i have another shower, i'll be more comfortable. i'm glad i only have to do this once. and it's not as fun as i thought it was going to be. it kind of just a weird dream.

office space

that's what i have. a little bit of space that's mine. its not an office, and it's not a cubicle, but just a few old desks pushed together with a view of a parking lot.
i didnt know when i started this job that i would be in charge of the entire office. i am in charge of creating the files that hold the reports that i type, i am the only one who does all of these things. what's crazy is that they expect me to know their procedures and how to do everything and how to catch every little thing in every report that THEY do wrong, make 4 extra copies, mail things, answer the phones, create the files. whatever, i can do all of these things, no problem. until my "review" this morning. i "met" the requirements for most areas of the review sheet (which was supposed to be filled out in may, as i was supposed to be reviewed in may, when the reviews were due) but there i am sitting in the little room, being told that i'm doing pretty good. until we got to communication. i guess i'm not the "type" to come into the office and walk around and say hi to all six people who work in here. (mind you, i get here every day at nine and leave every day at one). this really irks me. i have to practice coming in and walking around and telling everyone that i'm here, because they dont notice when i walk in the door and turn on the computer and answer the phones. i felt like i was being told to wear more flare. what an insignificant thing to focus on. flare flare flare. they're so busy they don't notice me. i just figure, i leave and come at the same time every day, they know they dont have to answer the phones when i'm here because i always answer on the first ring, and all they have to do is look up and see me. what a joke.


less than a month, i'll be a fenn. i'll be making my home for myself, which is definitely a new adventure. what's ridiculous is that sometimes it feels sooo close, so incredibly close that i suddenly remember all of the things that i still have to do and wonder, how will we survive? i just keep telling myself that people do it all the time. make it on their own, that is.
sometimes, especially at night, that day seems weeks away (which it is, of course) and i make that baby drive over and tuck me in and in my mind i kind of pretend that after i make him get me a cup of ice water and read me 2 nephi, he will climb in next to me.


for the first time, i actually feel like the wedding is getting close. i've been counting down but it still seemed forever away. 46 more days and i'll be married...i've known it would happen for so long but its just beginning to be real. i am excited beyond belief. and the only thing i'm nervous about is going to the temple, but that's because it's uncharted territory for me. i'm not nervous about being married or getting married or interesting new things i'll have to wear. i'm not nervous about the honeymoon, living away from home, or being on my own for the first time in my life. i just want it to be here. this summer is holding many changes for me that i wonder...i wonder if i'll be the same at the end of the summer as i am now.

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