so, i did it. finally! i cut off my hair. i had no idea what i wanted to do cut-wise, so i picked a picture and showed the scissor-holder and she cut it all off. its very very short compared to how long it was! i'm still getting used to it.
we're going to move again...out of this house. its too cold and we can't get it above 60 degrees upstairs. plus our landlords are a bit crazy. david's going to do some calling tomorrow. tonight we came down to my parent's house and went out to dinner, played some sequence (a card/board game), and looked through my baby box. i'm so excited that my mom saved some of my baby shoes. mine and remy's baby blessing dress is in there. i'm so excited because i didn't know that we still had it. it's white with little pink rosebuds all over it with a little matching bonnet. there's also a little tiny pink bathing suit with a duck on it.
tomorrow we're helping my mom out with a gourmet girls thing and making a little money doing that. we're also doing that next weekend. tomorrow night is our ward christmas party which should be fun because most likely kollin and brean and glen and kari will be there which means good company with younger couples from the ward and a good chance that i'll get to hold baby kourtney some of the night!
as for now, i'm going to try to sleep in a place other than my house which i'm not used to doing anymore.
p.s. we're still incredibly poor as i am still jobless.
but we're happy and that's really all that matters.

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