he's in love and he says love is fine

been listening to best of paul mccartney...love that he included his wife in his band, wings, and that they got to go on tour together. this love lasted a long time.

i also like this album cover because of the little hiding baby :)

love isn't silly at all

ron howard

on saturday morning we watched an a & e special on ron howard. i loved everything about his life, the way his parents raised him and his brother (put all of their tv earnings into the bank) and how he raised his own family by limiting how many films he worked on and bringing them with him to ireland to film far and away.
on a part of the show involving an interview with his oldest daughter, she expressed her admiration for her parent's relationship claiming that they were 'soul mates'.

In the June 2006 issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Ron Howard was asked, "What do you consider your greatest achievement?" He replied, "Forty-eight consecutive years of steady employment in television and film, while preserving a rich family life."

i love an honest man of integrity

i get on wikipedia kicks where i'll research an individual...i love it

crepe cake

just saw this crepe cake at martha stewart's website
does it not look amazing? layers of individual crepes? YUM


it was good.

spring, spring, spring


something else happened, recently.
i gained my testimony of the prophet while watching conference on sunday morning. the choir sang 'we thank thee o god for a prophet' and it showed photos of him with kids and people from around the world. i know and knew he was the prophet, but i think its always different when you're used to someone, like president hinckley, and then someone replaces him. but when they sang and i saw the photos of him the thought came to me 'he IS the prophet'.

he is god's prophet.

something like this

9 days til we move. i'm getting excited. there are a few things i'm interested in doing and i'm daily looking for more inspiration and ideas for decorating the new place. it's a bit older and not as big, but we'll have more to work with i think which can force the imagination to work harder.

lonely days

i didn't see my husband yesterday. is that weird? yes, it is. i don't remember the last time i went a day without seeing him. i guess i'm spoiled.

tonight will involve me and clementine watching pride and prejudice, alone, and tomorrow morning will involve sleeping in, cleaning the house, and shopping for a tart pan and the ingredients for a strawberry cream tart.

i have to do SOMETHING to occupy myself while he's gone.


i know i'm already married and already had a wedding, but i found this on a blog and think it is such a cute idea. i wish i had seen it before i had my reception!
maybe i'll recreate it this summer when i have a dinner party.

love him

my little testimony

last night we went to the gym around 9. i was walking on the treadmill, working up a sweat, and what movie was playing? the best two years. sometimes, i love provo.

anwyway, i'm not a huge fan of those lds movies, especially while living here because they're making fun of people that i see every single sunday. (so the movies are actually exactly like my life...)

but last night, the part where the elders are teaching the investigator the first lesson, and the 'wayward' elder remembers why he's out there on his mission, made get a little choked up. it made me love what i know to be true, all over again. and the room was silent, except for the sound of feet hitting the treadmill, because everyone in the room knew it too, im' sure.

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