i just decided that photography is not something i want to pursue as a career. i just want to...i dont know


i am SO happy to be home. i missed my bed and a quiet house and my own shower.


i really would like to have my own little etsy shop but i dont know what i could possibly make/sell on there. i can kind of crochet. i can kind of sew. what could i sell?

the old me

my hair is finally starting to get long. i'm excited for days when i'll have it flowing again...
i'm still not what i want to be. still discovering myself. looking at old pictures of me helps


i have a crush on vince vaughn...he's a normal guy. am i weird?


i think i need to live in california so that i'll always have enough natural light in my home to take pictures of things


goals for the next two months:
make an amazing gingerbread house, entirely from scratch
go to hawaii or some place awesome

first there is a mountain

having my family here was great but also stressful. i'm so used to it being just the two of us now.
remember when i used to write about how great it would be when we were married? now all i want to write about is how great it will be when we have a baby. i wonder if someday i'll be writing about how great it will be when our kids are grown up and gone, so we're alone again?

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