i'm going to find a map of france just like this and cut it up and frame it to put it above the couch. i absolutely love it. i also like the big flowers- they look like they're canvas just stapled on there. plus the maps for wallpaper = a super cool idea. it's kind of like the little boy's room idea i have, but i plan on using maps of mordor and hobbiton. you know, lord of the rings? i am a nerd.

i really want to write a book. even if it's just a short one. sometimes i want to turn this blog into a 'book' just because i like the way i used to write. it was saucy and interesting.


BreAn said...

I love that map idea! And the flowers are great too.

cori and greg said...

if you wrote a book the way you used to write in this blog, you'd have a best seller. i LOVED the way you wrote, and i LOVED reading your old posts. i kinda wish you really would write a book.


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