SP speaks from my soul, bones, heart

Please, let me be casual and gay and right with him now. I am YOUNG, naive, childish, sixteen emotionally. My reactions are too obvious, too excitable easily. I will be lovely, vivacious, witty, the very best me that I always want to be with you.
[I] want a brilliant mind that I can stimulate, but that I can also honestly look up to. And this one has it. Mentally he satisfies; physically he satisfies. It is rather blissful to share witty talk with a man who is also three-dimensionally satisfactory as this one is. power: he offers that. I am strong, in spite of being childish and weak now and then. I need a strong mate: I do not want to accidentally crush him like a steamroller (as I would have others, certainly). And while comradely, I must admire him: respect and admiration must equate with the object of my love. And with him there would be a great, evolving, intellectual dignity to life. I am sure of it. I can walk tall and proud beside him in my body and in my mind. How will it work out? I don't know.



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