only in dreams

so i had this crazy dream last night about my neighbors who moved to pennsylvania a few years ago. i used to babysit for their two kids almost weekly and i loved it. angie was the sweetest lady, and we always had heart to hearts. her husband travelled a lot, so when she went out or had things to do she'd call me over to watch cameron and ellie. they were funny too, always calling me silly english names that they learned from their dad (angie met mark in england when she was abroad for school).
in my dream, however, i was putting ellie to bed and for some reason i changed into a nightgown. mark came home and we started talking and all of the sudden he was conan o brien but still mark...and he was telling me about the book of mormon and how he believed it was true. angie came home too and she was saying the same thing. it was really really weird.



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