david came and visited me (and curtis) at work.
i'm making plans for this weekend:

finish sewing curtains and/or pillows.
find passport
buy washer/dryer

i like to make lists, i always have. i made one over the last week of things i love so here it is:
peach lemonade
waking up on my own
black and white photos
having a flat stomach
video chatting
completely unpacking a box
finding a dress that's long enough
taking a bath
piles of folded, clean laundry
when a band sounds better live
being pregnant on sims
knowing i don't need to have my phone with me to feel comfortable
coming home to a clean house
flower shops
having a job that i enjoy
knowing where i'll be every sunday for the rest of my life
having a gym pass
reading emma for the 10th time
thinking about my wedding day
daydreaming and pretending i'm laura ingalls wilder
thinking about the things i'll teach my kids
seven brides for seven brothers
taking hours to make dinner
you have bewitched me, body and soul
re-reading this blog and realizing that i am clever and i do like myself. i just need to always be that way.



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