I'm going to do 101 goals in 1001 days. I'm just going to make it a giant post and add to it for the next few days until it's full.
Also, As of now I only have 67 goals so I'll add more as they come to mind. I need to configure the end date.

Educated Me:
[Take a photography class]
Take another photo class
Always be working on a leisure book
Look up words I don't know and keep a list
taken/taking a semester toward graduating (english, linguistics, nutriton or photo)
take a cooking class...williams sonoma maybe?
Mommy Me:
Make my baby shower gifts
Make at least 1 quilt
Creative Me:
[Sew pillows for living room]
Sew pillows for bedroom
Fill 2 scrapbooks
Cook one new meal a month
[Learn how to make bread like mom]
Learn 3 songs on the guitar
Write in my journal/blog once a week
Send christmas cards
Make 1 present/year for david
[Re-upholster our headboard]
[make a shadow box for david's army things]
make a shadow box for david's mission things
make up 5 original recipes
[decorate] & frame my willow poem
design a baby's room
[learn how to crochet]
learn how to knit
master a strawberry tart
learn how to make sushi
learn how to make 3 french entrees

Frugal/Environmental Me:
Plant an herb garden
Add to my food storage
get a trashcan for recycling
create and keep a budget
[move to a house with cheaper rent]
learn how to use coupons

Clean Me:
Do dishes every week night for at least two weeks
Vacuum under furniture (bed, couch, tv) every 6 months

Spiritual Me:
Read the book of mormon
Read the new testament
Read doctrine and covenants
Bear my testimony in sacrament meeting
Visit the temple once a month
visit [provo], salt lake, mount timp and manti temples
Find my patriarchal blessing and read it every sunday
read scriptures every night

Healthy Me:
Lose at least five pounds and keep it off
[Get a new tire for my bike]
Start including more organic products in our diet until we're 75% organic
Be able to run 2 miles without stopping or dying
Get floss helpers and floss regularly
Spend saturdays outside during summer months
eat healthier
Adventurous Me:
Go camping at least 3 times .2.
[buy another sleeping bag]
[go to the hogle zoo]
[visit the salt flats]
learn how to ride the scooter
hike to the Y
catch a fish
tube down the canyon
go to the aquarium
go to yellowstone
[visit mount rushmore]

Pretty Me:
grow out my hair....don't chop it off again
Use an entire box of crest whitestrips
Wear my retainer once a week...for at least 2 months
get a facial every six months
[buy a really expensive coat]
Organized Me:
Put all photos on the computer & discs
Create a filing system for bills, documents, etc.
go through old clothes, books, etc.
[buy & set up a desk]
Sophisticated Me:
Visit another country (canada, central america)
Visit Colorado
[visit Wyoming]
[visit Idaho]
[visit south dakota]
visit Hawaii
mexico trip
Add to my photography portfolio
spend an entire day exploring salt lake



Ruby said...

This is such a great idea. Im going to do the same and we can help eachother stick to our goals!!! Look out everyone, here comes the better us!!!


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