maybe i feel like i need to stop dreaming now that the things i dreamt about have come to pass.

last night it stormed and we sat on the porch and enjoyed it. i still need to find myself and i'm working on it but shouldn't it come more easily? i got way off track so now i'm trying to get back on.

ugh, why can't i dream anymore?


Kari said...

i've had a feeling similar to this lately too. and you know what helped me? listening to old music that i forgot i still loved. for me it was stuff from way before i met robert that helped. try it, i think when we were single it was easier to be ourselves and remember our dreams, but now its harder as we are constantly thinking of someone else. music brought me back to who i once was, and it helped me adapt that kari to who i am now.
just a tip.


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