every single day i struggle with liking myself. i mean, i like myself. but not as much as i could. and it's most likely because i know i'm not being as nice as i should or as caring as i should. therefore, people probably don't like me as much as they could. i think about it. i want to be different. i think about it a lot.


greg and cori shaw said...

My dear natalie, I didn't know you had this blog and I just found it... and I am really happy I did. I have to say in response to this post- I think everyone feels that way at some point in their lives. I know I have felt that way many a time, in fact, a lot more lately. And in reading your posts from this blog I've realized, you and I are A LOT alike. Move back here and let's be best friends and take care of each other like best friends do... the way it's supposed to be.


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