new news

i'm sick of this! i need to stop eating crap and start taking care of myself. i'm going to start today, right now.

it can't be that hard. i just need to eat good foods and be active. simple as that. i'm going to do it!
i want to fit in my clothes and feel attractive.

oh, and ps. i cut all my hair off. i feel like amelie or something.


Cori Shaw said...

first things first- whaaaaaat?? you cut your hair?? i thought you were growing it out. whatever, long hair don't care... short hair is cute. second, i'm pumped that you're pumped about eating right and being active, those things are like my children. BUT i will say that you are attractive and gorgeous as you are. it's important to feel good about yourself though. just dont go crazy ;)
love you lady friend that i miss.
(disclaimer: i'm in a weird mood).


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