california, here we come
right back where we started from
(this is the old song, not the phantom planet one)

i love lucy, by the way
i really really do


Kari and Robert said...

why are we twins??
my favorite I Love Lucy quote: when Lucy buys the baby chickens and tries to hide them from Ricky and when Ricky asks "whose in there??" she says "no one here but us chickens!"
love it.

David & Natalie said...

kari, my favorites are when lucy thinks ricky is going to kill her so she puts pots and pans under her clothes to block bullets and starts darting around when ricky comes into the kitchen.
the other one i love is when she shows up in the 'indian show' and they sing a song together, and she has little ricky on her back in a carrier papoose thing...makes me laugh

Kari and Robert said...

oh yes and when Ricky sings "come down here pleeease" she goes "uuuuhhh---uh" its so great! now i want to go home and watch my dvds...


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