someone i admire

i watched chefography last night about ina garten who is my favorite person on foodnetwork. i knew a lot about her from good 'ol wikipedia, but i absolutely loved seeing photos of her growing up. her wedding pictures were probably the best part of the whole show- in every photo since then, you can tell that her and her husband really like + love each other. their relationship is pretty amazing and any couple who stays married for 40 years should recognize what an accomplishment it is. on her show she said something like,

people always ask me what the secret is to having a happy marriage...i don't know. i would hate to have to be in a marriage where you have to work at it all the time. we just want each other to be happy

i made a mental note of that quote...and wished that it was that easy for me! but it's definitely inspirational.


Kari and Robert said...

you probably hated my post on my blog about how i like/dislike her. the part i LOVE about her is everything you mentioned. just occasionally I get frustrated with her overly rich lifestyle.


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