just married

alright, kids, we did it! we're married. the entire day went so fast, yet so slowly at the same time. near the end, i just wanted it to be over so i could go to sleep (as you can imagine, that didnt happen) (actually, dont imagine it).
the day was beautiful, somehow the weather cooled down into the 80's just for my wedding because someone knew i couldnt handle taking pictures in the burning hot sun. the temple was amazing...it felt like forever sitting there, though, waiting to be married. our sealer told us he was sealed by joseph fielding smith 58 years earlier. so amazing! the best part of the whole day was holding david's hand, walking into the sealing room and seeing all of our friends and family sitting there, waiting for us. it was ridiculous. during the day i kept picturing that and every time, i got choked up again. then we were married!
our pictures are so crazy. i can't believe that we were lucky enough to find such great photographers. they are my favorite part of the whole wedding.
the reception is a blur and i barely remember anything, but i was so surprised that so many people came.
the honeymoon was fun, it was so nice to relax. but near the end i wanted to go home and start real life with my new husband! i'm so happy to be a fenn now, i love it. everything went better than i could have imagined. now we're just settling in, but trying to find a place in lake arrowhead or crestline so we can move and david can work at something he really wants to do, which is building houses. i'm skipping this semester of school since apparently classes already started. i'll work full time and so will david, and he'll go to school. things are going to just keep getting better, but they're so good now i can't even imagine. im so thankful for david because he takes such good care of me. life is sweet.



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