i really like the banjo. i really, really do.
i like to write in my blog at work because it takes up more time than i realize. and a lot of days i have nothing to do. so i've decided what i want to do with my life. i'm going to go to school to become a librarian. a librarian?! yes. i've wanted to be one since i was little, i would take all of our books and make little cards and check people in and out. when i told my mom that i wanted to be a librarian when i grew up, she said, "librarians don't make any money. they're only volunteers." so i just figured i'd find something else that i wanted to do. but i didn't.
until monday night when my cousin sarah said she's going to be a librarian. she said if you get your masters then you can be a librarian at a university's library. so i told everyone that that was what i was going to do too. so, like 6 more years of college until i can fulfill my dream, and it's not like anything is in my way of achieving this, like not going to school this semester, and david not being done with school, and me planning on having children or anything like that.
we'll see what happens. so, is this what it finally feels like to know what you want to do with your life? (other than be a wife, check. and be a mother, future check.)


kari. said...

so get your masters and be a librarian in the mountains, and while you're slowly going to school to get it you can volunteer and i'll watch our kids and take them to your library everyday for story time. and you can do the same for my art museum/gallery. sounds like a freaking plan to me natalie.


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