sooner or later

david just called me and said that his uncle asked him to start working for him on monday. this is a great and exciting thing, and i can tell how happy david is about it. there are just a few problems...

1. david hasn't even mentioned to his work that he's planning on leaving. i KNOW he's going to call them today and say he's done. he hates his job right now. ok, i guess that isn't really a problem.
2. we told the owners of the house we want to rent that we couldn't move in until november 1. they did want us to move in asap, so maybe they'll give us the house.
3. i dont have a job yet.
4. i still have a job here and i told them i'd be here until around the end of october. can i just leave? should i stay here and keep looking for a job?
5. we only have one car as soon as david quits. we have to fix the window on my broken car, and sell it, then find a truck for david.
6. if we end up finding a car, quitting both of our jobs and me getting a new job, we might have to live with david's parents which is no big deal. or we could move into the yellow house, but we'll have to come up with about $2,000.

david's uncle offered him $17 an hour which is pretty nice. plus he'll be doing something he loves. this will work out somehow and i know it will be great. i really needed this. i've been so negative lately but the idea of being where we want so soon is making me happier by the second.



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