the office

david and i bought the office, season two and watched the whole thing in a few days. all i wanted was for pam and jim to get together. i love this show! there is no way that you could not like it.
so this weekend was so busy, but it felt really long. on friday as soon as i got home from work (david had been home for hours because work is extremely slow right now) we left for up the mountain. after a little rosie's, i went to an interview at the ucla conference center that david's dad had set up for me. as soon as we walked in, the lady at the front desk took one look at david and said, "you've got to be john's son." it's so funny, this whole fenn thing. everyone looks alike and everyone knows a fenn. luckily, now that i'm a fenn, i get to reap the benefits. anyway, i met with her but it was downhill from there. she offered me the job, but it was only part time, 20 hrs a week, and anywhere from 7am to midnight, and every day of the week. i just can't work on sundays. so now i've continued my job search.
as for the house search, we drove around and looked at a couple. we picked up nathan and keith and went to check out a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom that was only $950 a month in Lake arrowhead. no one lived there and it was locked so david climbed over the railing and the slider just happened to be unlocked. this place was hilarious. it was all wood inside, tiny kitchen, and weird living room on the main floor and a full bath, up stairs was a big loft and another bathroom, downstairs was the master but it had no closet and a half bath. it was so strange. we checked out another one but we couldnt get in until the next day. it was nice, 3 bedroom 2 bath, wood floors and nice kitchen except that it didn't have central heating. no. way. we stayed up the whole weekend except for dustin and chelsea's baby shower. it was pretty fun. also, amanda came down and i didnt even know she was coming. on sunday we made a few more calls after church. david dialed one number for a 2 bedrom 1.5 bath that was near the golf course in lake arrowhead (nice area) and the lady answered the phone and said "john?". haha. i guess the lady is a principal at some school and knows david's parents. they came and showed us the house. HOUSE! it's on this amazing street thats nice and wide. the house is yellow with white trim, and has a picket fence on each side. it has a driveway! it has a big living room and decent sized kitchen, and two bedrooms. it has a deck off of the main floor and two little ones off of each bedroom. it has a laundry room! this place is amazing. it's $925 a month, which is $25 more than what we're paying now! i love it. the realtors said that they've had a few applications already but then they said that they talked about how much they loved the fenn family. so pretty much we'll probably get this house because we're fenns. score! now we just have to try to get out of our lease, or come up with $2400 in the month of october.


Jeff said...
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kari. said...

i LOVE the office...and phyllis. and what was that hound-dog mans name? yea...him too.


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