the times they are


this weekend we move ourselves and a few things to david's parent's house for a few weeks until we can move into our new little house. david's getting a truck today, hopefully, and we'll be all set (regardless of the fact that we have negative money).

next week i'll be commuting down the hill for my last week here at work. my job hunt continues. i'm trying to find one where a giant saint bernard won't nudge me while i'm typing. and where i won't have to work on sundays.

i've had mates of state stuck in my head for days. tomorrow is a girl's night but i'm not sure if i should i still a "girl"? next week will be crazy. moving, driving, weddings, babies being born and making me an aunt! soon enough we'll be dressing her up in her little baby ugg boots. chloe, come out!


kari. said...

girls will ALWAYS be girls natalie. you're coming.


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