It's been a while. I have 3 other blogs besides this one...stupid, I know. But this was my first so I just can't get rid of it. No one really reads it, so it's kinda like my own journal. Anyway, I've been in a re-decorating mode lately and I bought some new things for the house last night- mostly inspired by a new friend I met thru blogging. Her style is AMAZING and I love her house. I went to IKEA with some inspiration and got a few things last night that hopefully David will install today. In the mean time, I've also been saving photos from around the web- so here are some of them. Of course, I didn't save any of the links...


Chelsey said...

Hi Natalie! So funny... the 5th photo down from the top is my friend Heathers baby girls room! She is a wedding coordinator in San Diego and her house is absolutely perfect, don't you just hate people that are so cute and amazing at decorating!?? Now that we're in Utah we should hang out!


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