on a bicycle built for two

oh, how i loathe crotchedy, hunched over old english women who admit their only reason to sink below their level and teach community college is the lack of income from their job as a professor at the university. and yes, it is a waste of time to take someone's cell phone when it goes off in class as you explain to us once again how you said you would take it from them if it went off, and see, do you see how it disturbs the lecture?
and amazing bearded (female) english teacher has decided that we will watch trading places in my class because we're reading the prince and the pauper (even though it's english 1b) and compare the two. it being rated r gives me a good reason to skip class that day. maybe me and evan, my mormon sidekick, will ditch and talk about our futures (which are very similar) over hot chocolate.
ask me about any asian country, because i can tell you where it is on a map, completely unmarked.
phillippines? check
singapore? check
kyjzrkystan? checkity chiz-eck.

also heading straight from work to davey's at which time we will partake in the lovlieness of elijah wood in "everything is illuminated." very excited.



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