so everybody put your best suit or dress on

i feel like i'm14 again after being driven around all day to school and work. three days left until my car registration expires so it had to be smogged so that i can take it to the dmv early in the morning sometime this week and have it registered in california. i hate that piece of crap.
i have an appointment next week to meet with people at bryman for them to interview me for school.
good today:
barely ate anything
took excellent notes in class
have actual work to do at work
knowing davey has things to do
got to wear new wedges to work

bad today:
waiting 20 for mom to get me from school
being locked out of the house
feeling strangely sick

oh good, there's more good than bad.
p.s. everything is illuminated wasn't as good as i thought. but that's cause i'm just a kid.


david said...

you were 14 only 5 short years ago. 5 years ago I was an ancient man of 20. Now I am on my death bed or should be cause I am so pitifully old


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