and i can do the frug.

what a weekend. it feels like it was everlong... saturday was so busy but super fun. plus it totally started raining! i love rain. yesterday morning i woke up and layed in bed for a half hour staring out the window at the drops hitting the unfinished roof outside my room.
i finally got to disneyland last night- it's been put off a bunch in the past few weeks. only a 10 minute wait for space mountain. plus cordogs and ice cream. delish. then i made david find pig josh on the xbox and we ate a little hamburger helper which was soon followed by a gun fight where keith screamed like a little girl. my ride home was pleasant, the shins came with me.
and today all i have is one class because i dont have to go to english tonight. but i do have to write my philosophy paper tonight. i'm so scared. she said that when we're writing it that we should call her and tell her what we've got. who calls their teacher?? i'm not going to call her, she's so weird. i'll just do my best and have david help me. now i must do an assignment for anthropology that i forgot about. i got to class on monday morning and while we were waiting outside for the teacher to come, i heard everyone talking about it and i realized i didn't do it so i turned around and drove home. it's just what i do.



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