we keep saying we're going to rest each weekend, and only please ourselves by lying around and relaxing after a weeklong of work and school. but we never do. davey and i went to the orange circle to check out all the cool old stuff in the shops. we went to my favorite shop, country roads, and walked around for a long time. it's a huge store. i love almost everything in it. i found tons of furniture that i wish i could have, and a jadeite bowl that was beautiful. its crazy how old stuff costs so much...the bowl was $40. oh well. in a shop we found cool jewelry and i found one, very expensive piece that i absolutely loved.
i'm supposed to be in class right now but instead i am alone in the boys' apartment. why? because i can, i guess. i'm going to work on my rough draft for my english class that i'm supposed to have turned in by now. then i'll read as much as i can handle from my anthropology book. i like that class, there's just a lot of boring reading. right now we're learning about sex and marriage and its quite interesting. my professor told us about some guy, i cant remember his name right now, but he grew up in renaissance times i guess and he was a lover of the arts. on his wedding night he was horrified to find that women were not as hairless as portrayed in the paintings that he so adored. therefore, he and his wife never...well, you know. isnt that crazy? i think its so interesting. we also learned about how humans are unique in that it isn't apparent when women are ovulating, compared to animals in heat where you can easily tell. it means we have evolutionary power and more control over procreation and such. and i learned that men's sweat is stimulating to women...and if you are near that man all the time then it can cause more frequent ovulation.

did you know that polygamy is the most universally ideal form of marriage? now you do.



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