bob loblaw

in philosophy class my teacher is constantly asking questions and not answering them, because they are philosophical questions that are open to eternal interpretation. i, of course, know all of the answers which means i am thinking religiously for three makes up for not being able to go to institute.
we're reading the phaedo. plato wrote it about socrates, but it didn't really happen and in it, socrates is dead but other characters are telling their friends about what went on while he was chained up in prison before he was poisoned as the punishment for corrupting the youth. the entire dialogue, socrates is explaining to his colleagues why it is noble for a philosopher to die...that death is what they seek ultimately because what they are truly searching for is truth, knowledge, understanding. this can only take place out of the material world and without senses, which means that it can only come after a separation of mind and body which only happens at death. but his friends want to know, will socrates live on once he is dead? well, of course! because knowledge and truth and understanding come from learning, and education. and education does not come from the outside in, but the inside out. this means that it was in us all along, but was promted out by recollection. but recollection only comes by something triggering what we knew before our minds and bodies came together. which means that there was some kind of existence before our physical bodies joined with our minds. this means that if there was a pre-body mind, there must be a post-body mind. hoorah!!



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