it's funny that i can't get anything (including homework, housework, work-work) done if david is around. it just seems like such a waste to be doing other things when he's over or i'm over there. yet somehow last night we were able to re-write my philosophy paper. it felt good.
me and davey and keithy and natey went in the sacuzzi at the apartment. it felt nice. i like this life.
kitty was gone for two days. a lot of times she leaves during the day and comes home at night and sleeps with me, but last night she didn't come home and i was sad. but this morning i heard meowing outside my bedroom door and there she was! her little raccooned face looked up at me. that little devil.
i almost died in class today, it is so ridiculously boring. rene descartes is nothing special. then i came home and ate and now i'm at work doing nothing as usual. but i'm leaving soon and going to the store to pick up important things like breadcrumbs and such to make dinner.

rosemary crusted chicken
baked potatoes
french bread
a gorgeous salad.

the end.



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