i wish the world was flat like the old days

ah, i hate monday. it is the worst day of the week, the beginning of it all. this weekend was pleasant however which makes the transition from weekend to workness not so bad. general conference is so relaxing. david and i took a trip up to the mountains where it wasn't quite as cold as i would have liked it to be. when we went home we made a list of who to invite to what will be our totally hip halloween party, wahoo. the boys get to move in to their new apartment in a little over a week.
saturday was long and boring but worth it. i helped mom cater at a family reunion and she gave me $100 even though i owe her money for the dreaded phone bill. i would have done it for nothing. saturday night i set out to spend my money...we went to victoria garden and urban outfitters was calling my name. i bought a dress and a shirt and the money was gone! ugh. what i truly wished to purchase, however, was everything from the home decor section. sooooo cool. someday it will be mine.
i had another dream about blake last night. david and i went to visit him on his mission but we didn't go to brazil. we went to this vintage furniture store and he was there. i wanted to hug him so badly but i knew i couldn't. i figure that his appearance in my dreams is a result of me saying "i miss blake" every day of my life.



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